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Benefits of IVF, You Should Know!

Benefits of IVF, You Should Know!

Hey parents-to-be! Remove the stumbling block called infertility on your way to parenthood journey. IVF is the end stop for every infertile couple to accomplish their dream of life.

For couples, who are getting failed to get pregnant even after doing enough efforts on it, IVF In-Vitro Fertilization is like a blessing for them and the ultimate solution to become pregnant. At Sneh Hospital, we have assisted thousands of couples in framing their family successfully through IVF treatment.

Know the benefits of IVF:

Highest success rate and healthy pregnancy:

As compared to other fertility treatments, IVF gives the highest success rate. IVF works when all other fertility treatments fail. Sometimes, patients move through various other fertility treatments before undergoing IVF in a hope that may it work. Few times, other fertility treatments such as IUI Intrauterine Insemination, OI ovulation induction, works but in case even after trying plethora of cycles, it fails. In this case, IVF works for them and mostly provide the guaranteed result.

Lesser Risk and high odds of conception:

IVF, in expert hands involves quite lesser risk. Mostly IVF hands out healthy and safe pregnancy without any barriers on the way to it. IVF has the greatest odds of conception.

Useful for diversified people:

This is not limited to the infertile couples but also a surrogate mother or gestational mother can undergo IVF. It can also benefit a couple dealing with genetic conditions like chromosome peculiarities, cystic fibrosis, or spinal muscular atrophy.

Can beat various conditions:

IVF has ability to beat various conditions such as blocked fallopian tube, PCOS, Endometriosis, unexplained infertility, genetic conditions, hormonal abnormalities, uterine fibroids, abnormal sperm, male factor infertility. In spite of undergoing these conditions, IVF successfully help partners to conceive.

Can use Donor sperm or Egg:

In some cases, our fertility specialists will recommend you to have your embryo by using donor egg or sperm in case you have poor quality of eggs and sperms. The egg will be fertilized in laboratory under observation. When it will result in embryo, subsequently implanted in the uterus of the women. So, using healthy embryo, woman can give birth to a healthy baby.

Can select feasible time for pregnancy or fertility preservation:

Sometimes, people are busy in making their career or stuck in unique situations and at that stage, they want their baby in near future but not at that moment. Besides this, they are concerned with their fertility in future, so they have an option to freeze their egg for later use. So, IVF helps to get pregnant with those frozen eggs in future date. So, couples can grab this opportunity.

There are other various benefits of IVF as it gives multiples opportunities to couples to conceive their dream. At Sneh Hospital, we are taking pride in recognizing as the best IVF Centre in Ahmedabad. We use safe and forefront technologies to treat our patients. What more, we have world class IVF lab. From diagnosing fertility issues to help couples to conceive, we take utter responsibilities to frame your family.