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Are you planning IUI treatment in Ahmedabad? The reasons for infertility vary individually. If you are a childless couple and want to know about IUI is the best option. So, you do not need to make your decision in so hurry. It doesn’t mean if you’re infertile you need to hurry up and make your family happy as soon as possible. While choosing fertility treatment and fertility clinic make sure you know about what is infertility treatment and about the types of infertility treatment options available.

IUI is most common and effective infertility treatments and so you should know about what IUI isand how it would perform. Most importantly, is this safe for your partner or not? All couples of things you need to discuss with your IVF doctor before making your final decision. Sneh IVF is the leading fertility hospital in Ahmedabad with 70% success rate. IUI is one of the successful fertility treatment help you to conceive a successful pregnancy. To better understand how IUI will work, read below.

What Is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)?

Intrauterine insemination is an effective method these days for infertile couples. It is a simple procedure in which your IVF doctor will put sperm directly inside the female’s womb to produce fertilization. The IUI treatment is also known as donor insemination or artificial insemination. The purpose of performing this treatment is only to achieve a natural and successful pregnancy.

Before accomplishment IUI, the IVF doctor will provide you a few medications to stimulate the ovulation.

Semen or sperm is collected from the patient’s partner or from the donor (in case of male sperm is not enough for fertilization).

The collected sperm undergoes sperm washing to make it stronger or collecting mature sperm from the semen. The IVF doctor will put that sperm into the female’s uterus. Pregnancy occurs if the egg fertilize.

It is less expensive and simple procedure rather other fertility treatment options. Well, how this treatment reacts in your body, we can’t say anything about it. The results can vary from person to person.

What Is Intrauterine Insemination
Procedure Of IUI Treatment in Ahmedabad

Step By Step Procedure Of IUI Treatment

Intrauterine insemination relatively modest and pain-free process rather other fertility treatments. It is performed with fertility medications to make treatment successful. After that, with the help of injection, the sperm processed into the uterus during ovulation. The detail process is given below:

In the first step, the woman is advised to take a few medicines or injections to increase the growth of mature eggs in her body, which is much greater than normal egg production in a month. The injection is injected in an area of the body that contains fat such as stomach or top of the thigh. Whereas, in oral medications, you need to take pills for 5 days without delay or it can be raised on how the ovaries respond to medications.

After done with the above steps, the IVF doctor puts sperm into the female’s womb via thin, long, and flexible catheter. The process will never create pain to a patient because it is done after anesthesia.

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Once an apt egg is present, an IVF nurse will give “trigger shot” then ovulation occurs within 36 hours. After that, the male sperm sample is received and it will send to the washing process to remove debris and collects the mature sperm from the semen. In the lab, the semen quality is tested and goes through testing to ensure the sperm is healthy and free from genetic disorders.

When a patient is on the injectable method, the IVF doctor will monitor blood and ultrasound after every 2-3 days to ensure the ovaries and eggs development. Blood tests are also performed to ensure the check the hormone levels and ensure everything is going securely.

Who Intended For IUI Treatment?

Intrauterine insemination involves the injecting of mature sperm to female uterus. However, every infertile couple needs IUI treatment is not compulsory. Below are the certain reasons those are intended to go through IUI treatment:

In the female the concerns are:

Endometriosis Related Infertility

If the infertility cause is related to endometriosis, the initial treatment includes ovulation for improving the production of mature eggs and sperms via IUI.

Cervical Related Infertility

While ovulation, the cervix offers the opening between the vagina and uterus, mucus is produced and it creates an easy atmosphere for sperm to go inside the vagina to fallopian tubes. If the mucus is too copious, it disturbs the sperm flow. Sometimes, mucus is responsible for preventing sperm to mix with eggs. IUI bypasses are used to deposit the sperm easily into the vagina to fallopian tubes.

Who Intended For IUI Treatment

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Semen Allergy

Semen Allergy

This mainly found in rare cases, if a woman is allergic to her partner’s semen protein, resultant swelling, burning, and redness can occur. IUI is a safe process that cuts down allergic protein from the male’s semen and then places it into the uterus.

In the male concerns are:

Other Factors:

Advanced Infertility: IVF & Surrogacy Center

Are you looking for the Affordable Infertility and IVF Clinic in India? Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?

What Is The IUI Treatment Success Stories In Ahmedabad?

IUI success rate in Ahmedabad depends on several factors such as:


The success rate often depends on the age of the woman. Under 35 ages of woman, the chances are 10%- 20% of getting pregnant. If Woman between the age of 35-40, chances are less around 10%. Or if the woman age is above 40, the 5% chances to get pregnant.

Type Of IUI Procedure

The chances to get pregnant also depends on what IUI procedure you’re going through. The large segment of the population sees results due to sperm washing.

Fertility Medications

Some women’s are advised to go through fertility medication for superovulation, due to the age factor. This increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Other Factors:

If you’re planning to undergo IUI in Ahmedabad, you need to look for the experts IVF doctors who can help you to achieve successful pregnancy as soon as possible. If you need assistance, we are here to help you.
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IUI Treatment Success Stories In Ahmedabad

Advanced Infertility: IVF & Surrogacy Center

Are you looking for the Affordable Infertility and IVF Clinic in India? Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?

Best IUI Center in Ahmedabad

Sneh IVF - Best IUI Center in Ahmedabad?

If you’re struggling with conceiving and looking for the best IUI center that offers low IUI cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat as well, then no look further Sneh IVF. Here, are the few reasons explained below that why we are the best:

We are affordable to every infertile couple.

Well, the treatment options, use of technology is similar to every fertility hospital in Ahmedabad. As a patient, you must look for the best, if you need results.

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What Is The Cost Of IUI In Ahmedabad?

The natural cycle & intrauterine insemination cost in Ahmedabad ranges from Rs 8000 to Rs 15,000, whereas we at Low-Cost IUI Treatment offering you this Treatment Approximately from Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000.

IUI cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is less expensive and affordable for every infertile couple. Just as all medical treatments vary from one city to another city, the IUI cost will also vary. The approximate cost of one cycle if IUI is 3,000 rupees. If you expect to go with multiple IUI cycles, the cost will increase and goes up to 5,000 to 10, 000 rupees.

However, as compared to IVF treatment cost, IUI is most preferable and affordable method to conceive a pregnancy.
The primary factors which influence the cost of IUI are numbers of cycles required, fertility medications, Injections, testing, monitoring blood and ultrasounds.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment FAQ’s

IUI and IVF are the two popular and common advisable fertility treatments in India. Determine which one fertility treatment has the highest success rate is quite difficult because it depends on the patients with several factors such as age, IUI cycles, medications, sperm and many more. However, infertile couples choose IUI as a cheaper treatment to get pregnant and results are even less as compare to IVF.

IUI is much cheaper than IVF. As compare to IVF, IUI is a simple, less time-consuming and pain-free method.

While undergoing IUI treatment you should care about the following things such as:
Do not take pain killers
Take less stress
Avoid intercourse
Do not lift heavy things
do not expose yourself to harmful radiations
Avoid bad eating habits.

However, fertility treatment is not for everyone. It varies individually. If we talk about fertility treatment, the first step is Clomid then IUI and last IVF. In case IUI fails for you, the IVF doctor will advise going for IVF only after checking your internal health. If you’re new to fertility treatment or your experience is negative, must speak with your IVF doctor before taking any step.

If you want to increase the chances of IUI follow the given tips:
Eat a healthy diet riches with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.
Don’t let your IUI process as stress
Do regular exercise

IUI and IVF both are good in their way. Couples started with IUI treatment if they have unexplained factors of not conceiving and issues related to ovulation. Whereas IVF is advisable only if the infertility reasons are:
Blocked fallopian tubes
Male infertility (low sperm count and quality)
Genetic disorders
Fertility results and process differ from each other and depends on the patient. To know what is better for you must speak to your IVF doctor.