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Natural IVF Cycle

Natural IVF Cycle

Making a decision on which fertility treatment you should use can be complicated. Unfortunately, you are not the lucky couple who can conceive. But, you have hope to live your parenthood with IVF fertility treatment. At Sneh IVF, we give Natural IVF cycle treatment for women who have low egg reserve, failure of conventional IVF, avoid fertility medications-injections, and reduce the physical burden. THE natural IVF cycle is not applicable for everyone, sometimes it put a patient at numerous risks.

So, before proceeding further, which IVF treatment you should choose, find out complete details on Natural IVF cycle.

What Is Natural IVF Cycle?

Natural IVF cycle includes the use of one mature egg that occurs after the natural menstrual cycle. Every month, a woman reproductive system release a mature egg, when the hormones reach a certain level. The mature eggs can fertilize. However, the process of taking eggs, fertilization, and embryo transfer are the same as traditional IVF in all-natural IVF clinics. It usually considers for the woman who is not able to take medications and their eggs are mature for fertilization.

How Does A Natural IVF Cycle Work?

In traditional IVF Treatment, the fertility doctor gives fertility medications to improve the egg quality and formation for the egg retrieval process. In natural IVF Cycle, the use of medications is zero. The fertility doctor collects one mature egg from the ovaries. The patient is well-monitored under the ultrasound and blood tests. Once the egg is ready, the patient undergoes with egg retrieval process similar to traditional IVF.

After this, the egg is used for fertilization process in labs. If a viable embryo is developed, it implanted into the female womb for success.

Is Natural IVF A Good Choice For Some Women?

Yes. Natural IVF may be right for:

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Stimulated IVF VS Natural Cycle IVF

The natural IVF cycle is similar to conventional IVF. But it is done without the use of fertility medications or injections, which used for stimulation ovaries for numbers of eggs formation. Injections, medications, egg retrieval process, Ovulation, embryo development all are present in Natural IVF. Yet, there is no big difference, but it lowers the chances of IVF success.

At Sneh IVF, we only put those viable patients into the natural IVF cycle who have chances to get success. In some cases, the patient needs to undergo 5-6 times the natural IVF cycle for success, which comparatively increases the cost of IVF.

Besides this, natural cycle IVF success rates over 40 aged women are very low as compared to traditional IVF treatment. And it is only because of no use of fertility medications and injections that can improve the results. Contact Sneh Fertility Center to begin a more gentle treatment of infertility.

Advanced Infertility: IVF & Surrogacy Center

Are you looking for the Affordable Infertility and IVF Clinic in India? Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?


Natural FET (Frozen Embryo transfer) cycle is another part of ART methods. This natural FET cycle involves seven steps as monitoring follicular development, Monitoring for LH surge, documentation of ovulation, embryo transfer, hormone supplements, pregnancy test, and follow-up doctor. This process generally improves the chances of conception.

Natural Cycle IVF cost is mainly lower than of traditional in vitro fertilization method. The average cost of one Natural IVF cycle ranges from Rs. 1, 40,000 to Rs, 5, 00, 000. This can vary from a different place to place and choosing the IVF doctor in India. Moreover, the chances of natural IVF cycle are uncertain, hence it increases the cost until you reach success.

Natural Cycle IVF is also denoted as Natural IVF cycle. It is yet another form of IVF treatment, which majorly used on women who are not able and willing to take fertility medications. Natural IVF cycle is gentle treatment because this does not trouble your body physically and mentally as compared to Stimulated IVF.
Stimulated IVF includes 10-12 days use of fertility drugs for stimulating ovaries and selecting the mature eggs for fertilization. The natural IVF focuses on quality of egg whereas stimulated IVF focus on both quality and quantity to better the chances of IVF success.

Natural IVF cycle is relatively best as compare to Standard IVF cycle because it has no use of fertility drugs. Therefore it is best for getting higher quality eggs, creating a better environment for better implantation, and delivering a healthy baby, and safer for women. But when it comes to achieving success and healthier pregnancy, standard IVF cycle has a higher success rate than of Natural IVF cycle.

Mini IVF is known as Micro or minimal stimulation IVF. It is similar to traditional IVF process of egg retrieval, injections, and embryo transfer. However, the only difference between these two is the use of medicines to produce eggs.