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What Is Surrogacy?

Who Become A Surrogate Mother?

This work emphasizes the risks of surrogacy to both the intended couple and the recommended surrogate, we have several conditions that have to be fulfilled before we suggest this treatment. The surrogate must satisfy all of the criteria Must be:

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SNEH IVF provides is the most affordable and low-cost packages for transparent surrogacy. We offer to fix surrogacy cost package after examination of a couple. SNEH IVF delivers many successful surrogacy solutions to many national and international patients.

We present the highest result of the Surrogacy procedure. However, Sneh IVF as the Best surrogacy clinic helps most childless families medically as well as economically so they can fulfil their promises.

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Dr Nisarg Dharaiya – Best Surrogacy Doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Dr. Nisarg Dharaiya has an Experienced team of Surrogacy doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is the best surrogacy treatment doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. If you are living in Maniangar, Satellite, Bopal, Prahaladnagar, Anand Nagar Near areas; We provide the best treatment and consult top listed surrogacy doctor (Nisarg Dharaiya) at Maningar, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad, it is better to find a surrogacy hospital and doctor in nearby areas.

Annually, International cases come to Hospital for the Lowest cost. Our main purpose is to provide efficient and protected Surrogacy packages with Surrogacy and Egg Donor. Sneh IVF is center for lowest surrogacy cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Dr Nisarg Dharaiya is one of the best surrogacy doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

How Much Surrogacy Cost in Gujarat?

SNEH IVF Center, it will cost you approximately from Rs 10,99,950 to Rs 20,12,000. the cost of Surrogacy is very economical, especially at SNEH IVF Center, Prahalad Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India.

Surrogacy - FAQ’s

Yes, you can have your own child genetically linked to you. You can use your own sperm and egg while creating an embryo which is later transferred into the uterus of surrogate.

Surrogate mothers get pregnant by making use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as IVF and IUI where by Insemination is done outside the body in culture dish or test-tube. Later, that embryo is rightly placed in the surrogate’s womb.

The Surrogacy treatment cost is vary from state to state and type of surrogacy treatment. It will cost you approximately from Rs 10,99,950 to 20,12,000 in India.

No, all the legal rights are given to the intended parents before the birth of the baby. She cannot backtrack her mind to keep the baby after its birth.

Surrogate mother is not the legal mother of baby, intended mother has legal right on baby. Baby should not be biologically linked to surrogate.

  • She must be from the close relatives of the intending couple and married
  • She must have a child of her own
  • Her age must be between 25 to 35 years on the day of implantation
  • She can only be a surrogate for once in her life
  • Surrogate mother cannot provide her own gametes for surrogacy
  • She must have a certificate of medical and psychological fitness for surrogacy

Well, it is dependent on certain factors such as time it takes to find a well-matched surrogate, legal procedure and embryo implantation.

Gender selection is punishable offence under the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill-2019

Sneh IVF offers whole package of surrogacy. From well-screened surrogate mother to delivery of a baby.

  • Intending couple must be Indian citizens and are married for at least 5 years
  • Wife: 23-50 years and husband: 26-55 years
  • Intending couple do not have any surviving child biological or via adoption or surrogacy excluding a child and who is mentally or physically challenged or suffers from life threatening disorder or fatal illness with no permanent cure

For surrogacy, first of all, you need to find a right surrogate mother.

It is partially yes, if the surrogate is gestational carrier that means if she is carrying an embryo created using intended mother’s egg, then, baby can look like an intended mother. If an embryo is created by using her own egg, then baby will look like surrogate.

Traditional surrogacy, Gestational surrogacy, altruistic surrogacy and compensated surrogacy

  • Traditional surrogacy: Surrogate’s egg is used to create an embryo
  • Gestational surrogacy: Intended mother’s egg is used to create an embryo
  • Traditional surrogacy – 90-95% (Surrogate’ s egg)
  • Surrogacy with donor egg or sperm – 75- 80% (Donor’s egg)
  • Gestational surrogacy – 70-75% (Intended mother’s egg)