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Male Fertility Testing

Male Fertility Test

When a couple is not able to get pregnant, either male or female or the combination of both responsible. Therefore, both need to undergo a physical and medical test. Male fertility testing in Ahmedabad is a simple and regular process which accounts one-third of all cases of infertility. At Sneh IVF, you will get the safest procedure for testing, even the IVF doctors will guide you about how you can increase fertility for conceiving and what step you need to take on if the results will come out positive.

If you are struggling for a baby for one year and looking for the best solutions so you can achieve your parental dream then it is time now to take the advice of experts of IVF doctors and go through check-up. Before, undergoing male fertility test you need to look at what it involves, treatment options, medications, and related things. Sneh IVF is the leading fertility hospital in Ahmedabad which is known for excellent performance and outcomes. If you take service from Sneh the following are things which you need to know about male fertility.

Fertility Testing & Diagnosis For Men

In couple not only the man, but woman is equally responsible for infertility. Therefore, it is advisable to the couple they should undergo fertility tests. There are many factors responsible for infertility in men. Some can be determined and some may not.

Male fertility test cost is expensive and may not cover by Insurance as like IVF. This includes the following diagnosis:

This includes testing of your genital organs, health problems, illness, and the doctor may ask you about your lifestyle as what you eat, how often you have sex, and more. The doctor may also ask you about your sexual habit is how you perform and what difficulties you are facing during sex.

It is one of the most common male fertility tests. This includes semen or sperm sample taken from the men. You need to give fresh semen sample so you can deliver it by masturbating or ejaculate into a specimen jar.

The lab technician performs testing to find out the count, motility, shape, and appearance of the sperm. A sperm count test cost will vary from one city to another city. However, in Sneh IVF the cost of Semen analysis is affordable.

When Should Fertility Testing For Men Recommended?

If you are not achieving the parental dream after trying one year so it needs to be check. If you have health problems, medical history, and sexual problems you should consult the IVF doctor.

Common Male Infertility Symptoms In Men Are:

If you find any of above symptom in your body, must speak with Sneh IVF expert doctors. They will guide you correctly and keep privacy during the examination and further steps.

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Male Fertility Testing & Sperm Analysis Test Procedure

Sperm analysis is one of the best male fertility testing procedures which perform under special labs by technicians. This testing involves the following steps:

To test your sperm, the doctor will ask you for a sperm sample. You can ejaculate or perform masturbating to deliver sperm sample in a private room or you can collect it from the home as well. In some cases, if the patient is incapable to deliver sperm, the doctor provides a special condom that collects sperm while intercourse.

After collecting the sperm sample, it will immediately go for testing in the lab. The lab will check sperm count, motility, volume, shape, and appearance with sperm analysis calculator. Also, the lab will analyze infection or other symptoms present in semen.
In most cases, semen testing performs over a period of time to ensure accurate results. The doctor may also ask you for further tests to generate sure results. Yet, the sperm count test cost varies from the case study. So you have to prepare for everything.

Advanced Infertility: IVF & Surrogacy Center

Are you looking for the Affordable Infertility and IVF Clinic in India? Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?

What Types Of Male Fertility Tests Are Performed?

Sperm Agglutination

It is a simple lab test performed to check sperm are clumping together. Clumping prevents sperm from swimming through cervical mucus.

Hormone Testing

This test can be performed to check out hormone level in the body or any abnormalities present in the sperm or the body.


It is an X-ray exam which used to perform if there is blockage of sperm in vas deferens.

Hemizona Assay

The purpose of performing this test is to find put sperms are able to stab the outermost protective layer of the egg.

Genetic Tests

When the sperm count is extremely low, there is a sign of the genetic disorder.


This performs to find out a reproductive tract, semen vesicles, and ejaculatory issues.

Male Fertility Test Cost

Male fertility test cost in Ahmedabad is not too expensive and affordable for everyone. This test performs under special labs on the recommendation if IVF doctor. The average price for a test starts from RS.900.

At Sneh IVF, you do not need to worry about high fees. We are affordable to everyone and keep trying best to become accessible to every patient with the highest success rate.