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Major Types of Sonography / Ultrasounds for Women

Major Types of Sonography / Ultrasounds for Women

“Well, in this era, where there are various conditions which can leave us unsuspecting about it until it gets worst. At this moment, ultrasound works as a gold standard for early detection.”

Ultrasound uses high frequency waves to get an image of the internal organs of the body. Ultrasounds are also known as Sonograms. It is mainly categorized into two parts; General detection of any peculiarities in the body and pelvic cavity

What is Ultrasound Scan test?

An ultrasound/ Sonography is a process that make use of high frequency sound waves for screening internal organs of the body. It is mostly performed for specific purposes like woman’s abdomen and reproductive system, most importantly during pregnancy to check on fetus. Every so often, ultrasound and sonogram are considered as different by few, but they are used interchangeably and indicated same examination. They can get a view of the anatomy and action of the body’s internal organs, involving the abdomen, the fetus of pregnant women and also flow of blood through blood vessels.

There are two foremost types of ultrasounds:

Pelvic Ultrasound:

A pelvic ultrasound for both men and women may be done to access the following:


For Both: Kidney stone, bladder stone, Urinary bladder
For Women: (Transvaginal Ultrasound) During pregnancy, Uterine tube (Fallopian Tube), Cervix, Bladder
For Men: Prostate Gland


Abdominal ultrasound:

It hands out picture of the organs and other anatomies in the upper abdomen. It may be performed to access:

For Both: Abdominal aorta, blood vessels of the abdomen, Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, Gallbladder, Pancreas


Ultrasounds for female:

These are mainly categorized for two purposes: Diagnostic ultrasound and Pregnancy ultrasounds

  • Pregnancy ultrasound:  to look at growth of fetus and information about a baby’s growth, development, and overall health.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound: to watch over and provide details about other internal parts of the body. These include the heart, blood vessels, liver, bladder, kidneys, and female reproductive organs.

Why is Ultrasound Sonography test needed?

An abdominal ultrasound test is mostly performed to evaluate the conditions of the major organs in the human body’s abdominal cavity. The ultrasound majorly helps in monitoring properly various organs such as liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder.

An ultrasound is recommended by the doctor. The ultrasound images aid in diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

  • To find the reason for abdominal pain
  • Detecting issues or damage, tumor in any organs or other medical conditions
  • Access the size, shape and position of an organ
  • Check ovaries and uterus
  • Cancers in the abdominal organs
  • Detect any fertility issues
  • Check for IUD
  • If any inflammation in the pelvic organs
  • Kidney stones
  • Find about an ectopic pregnancy
  • Monitor the growth of baby during pregnancy

Pregnancy Ultrasound:

A pregnancy ultrasound is performed to get details about the health of an unborn baby. It may be used to:

  • Confirm Pregnancy
  • Check the position of the baby inside
  • Check multiple pregnancies if any (Twins or more)
  • To estimate the duration of pregnancy i.e., gestational age
  • Check for detecting any birth defects in the brain, spinal cord, heart or overall parts of the body
  • To check the proportion of amniotic fluid that protects the baby from any outside injury or cold also promote lung development and growth of bone

Diagnostic Ultrasound:

Diagnostic ultrasound is used to,

  • Check the structure of heart and see if there are any abnormalities
  • Find out if the rate or level of flowing blood
  • See if there are any blockages in the gall bladder
  • Diagnose the thyroid gland in order to know the growth of cancerous and non-cancerous growth
  • Support in biopsy procedure
  • Check for any peculiarities in the abdomen and kidney
  • Look at a breast lump to see if it might be cancer
  • Help find the reason behind pelvic pain.
  • Help find the cause of unusual menstrual bleeding

Other Tests Along with Ultrasound Sonography Test

In conjunction with the ultrasound, other tests may be suggested by our doctor to check the overall health of pelvic organs. These tests may be

Hysteroscopy – A plan of action where a thin device is inserted into the vagina to check for any uterine issues

laparoscopy – A plan of action wherein an illuminated thin tube is passed through the abdominal wall to check the organs


Our doctor might recommend other tests to check on the health of your pelvis. Besides these, there are other various types of ultrasounds suggested by doctors in accordance with the patient’s condition.