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Uterine Malformations

Uterine Malformations

A uterine Malformation is a form of female genital malformation that occurs during fetal development before birth. It often describes as due to the development of the Mullerian duct in the course of embryogenesis. If a woman is associated with uterine abnormalities, she may have a risk of miscarriages. This may also obstruct your pregnancy in several ways. According to research, there are many types of uterine malformation found in a female’s body that often misunderstood by you. So, it is important to call the experts and get to know every detail. Sneh IVF is one of the best fertility hospitals in India that treat multiple disorders related to male and female infertility.

A common concept provides the fact that a female with uterine issues may affect the pregnancy. Surgical treatments can help to resolve these issues and enhance the outcomes. If you think you are also in this risk or suffering from miscarriages, then you must learn about what it is and how it can be treated.

What Are The Uterine Malformations?

Uterine Malformations is a female genital disorder that happens due to the formation of the Mullerian duct during the time of birth. When embryo forms, two paired Mullerian ducts grow into the female reproductive region which comprises fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and upper parts of the vagina. There is no specific reason, how and why it forms. But it is one of the causes due to genetics or another development effect.

The several types of Uterine Malformations are:

For the perfect treatment, it is very important to analyze what type of uterine abnormality you are suffering from. One of the best centre to treat uterine concerns is Sneh IVF. Call us today!

What Are The Causes Of Uterine Malformations?

Uterine Malformations is typically a genital disorder. This may occur during embryo development. Well, there is no specific cause of uterine malformation.

Utri originates as two tubes that finally fuse and become one uterus in the middle of the body. In the case of Uterine Malformations, uterine does not fuse successfully.

Usually, a woman produces one egg in a month during each menstrual cycle. In the first step, you’ll receive fertility injections that would increase the growth of eggs and the body produces much than the normal amount. Your IVF doctor will monitor eggs growth via ultrasound and take regular blood tests to let you when to recover them.

It is a surgical procedure, in which your IVF doctor will use ultrasound to inject the needle through your vagina, into your ovary, and the egg-containing follicle. With the help of a needle, eggs are suction out from each follicle one by one.

Now, the doctor will take male sperm and mix it with eggs in a petri dish. The doctor will wait for 3-4 days for embryos production and fertilization of eggs.

Now the doctor will monitor the fertilized eggs to ensure they’re growing regularly. This takes 4-5 days for completion. Embryo also undergoes testing to ensure they are free from genetic disorders and other issues like HIV.

When the embryos are good enough for fertilization, the doctor will place them into the female’s uterus for a successful pregnancy.

Symptoms Of Uterine Malformations

Miscarriage is one of the common symptoms known for Uterine Malformations. It does not create any further signs to diagnose it further. Some women get to know about it after having a miscarriage. Even this can be diagnosed via pelvic exam or uterus anomalies ultrasound.

How Does Didelphys Uterus Affect Infertility?

The double uterus or didelphys uterus is a rare disorder found in females. It develops genetically when the female child is in her mother’s womb. Usually, uterus develop in two small tubes called Mullerian Ducts. When they fuse it forms one uterus. In case this does not happen, it form two uteri.
If a female has two uteri, a woman can’t carry a baby for the long term. This may turn into a miscarriage or premature labor pain. Hence, the woman is unable to conceive.

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How It Can Be Treated?

Surgery is the only method to treat uterine anomalies radiology. Metroplasty is the surgery performed by the doctors. But nowadays, Hyteroscopic procedure.
In Hyteroscopic, the doctor performs the entire process done within the uterus without the use of incision. The doctor may install a light instrument into the vagina, via the cervix, and into the uterus.

This usually takes one hour and the woman can go home on the same day of the treatment. The success rate of uterine issues in women is 50%-80%. The women who have faced miscarriages in the past may have chances to get pregnant after this.
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