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IVF Procedure

In vitro fertilization is the most common fertility treatment in Ahmedabad. This brings hopes in the life of infertile couples that they could become a parent. If you are struggling for a baby and thinking for IVF treatment then what to expect in IVF procedure in Ahmedabad is important for you to understand. Sneh IVF is one of the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad that adding lives in infertile couples without side effects.

IVF is a complex procedure mainly performed by the IVF doctor. This treatment helps individuals to go beyond their fertility concerns and achieve pregnancy with fewer hopes. If you are ready to get into IVF, find out the complete Test Tube Baby procedure in Ahmedabad. Sometimes, IVF treatment process goes longer due to fertility concerns.

Steo by Step IVF Treatment Procedure

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In Vitro Fertilization

What Is IVF Procedure?

IVF is the most successful ART method of reproductive technology. This method is usually effective than other fertility methods.

In the IVF process in Ahmedabad, the fertilization takes place outside the body with mature eggs and sperm combination.

Step By Step IVF Procedure

The IVF process starts to finish involve 5 steps as follows:

In the first step, the doctor will give fertility medications to increase the numbers of mature eggs production in ovaries than a normal.

It is a minor procedure takes about 30 minutes. The fertility doctor uses ultrasound and thin needle to carry out eggs from the ovaries for fertilization.

In this step, the fertility doctor asks male patter for the semen sample. The collected semen sample sends for testing to verify its motility for fertilization. If the sperm is immature, the fertility doctor will send the sample under the washing process for better its quality.

Once the fertility doctor gets enough quality of sperm and eggs, fertilization takes place. The doctor put eggs and sperm under a special dish and labs for couples of days. They fertilize naturally as they fertilize in your body.

After the fertilization, the embryo is developed. Once embryo reached the blastocyst stage, the fertility doctor will put the embryo or transfer in into female womb for conception.
After embryo transfer, the perform pregnancy test for knowing the success of IVF.

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IVF Procedure FAQ’s

As people were unsure about the IVF procedure and even wondered how much IVF procedure costs! The Cost of IVF Procedure in Ahmedabad basically ranges from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 2, 50,000 per cycle excluding medicine charge, injections etc. The IVF cost varies from person to person depending upon the types of infertility issue and technology which you use for your IVF Treatment. Some other factors which increase or decrease the IVF Procedure in Ahmedabad are Age of Women, No. of IVF cycle required, need of Egg or sperm donors, additional treatments etc. Find different IVF procedures cost: IUI procedure may cost from Rs. 10000/- to Rs.15000/, ICSI Treatment – Rs. 80000/- to Rs.90000/, Donor Egg- Rs. 35000/-, Donor Embryo- Rs. 45000/-, PGS treatment- Rs. 50000/- etc.

IVF poses some minor risk to the mother’s health like headache, nausea or vomiting, Shortness of breath, severe stomach pains, Ectopic pregnancy, Multiple births, Constipation, weight gain etc. But overall, it is quite safe and effective for women who are struggling with infertility.

Success rates for IVF which is affected by a woman’s age, Younger aged women have a high success rate as compared to older age women. Because the quality of eggs decreases with the increase of the women age. According to studies of embryos created from eggs of different ages, Women in their early 20s have about 20% abnormal eggs; Women in 40s have about 80% abnormal eggs. Base on a survey, Women under 35, resulted in live births. For women 35-37, almost 38 percent resulted in live births; for women 38-40, 28 percent, while only 16 percent of embryo transfers in women 41-42 resulted in a baby. Overage 42, only six percent had a baby.

Every medical procedure always causes pain. As per IVF patient statement IVF is not a Painful Procedure, IVF is mildly uncomfortable somehow. Each infertility patient has a different reaction to the IVF procedures involved, and may or may not experience slight pain. Some patient takes emotional pain which is not good for IVF procedure. And where ever IVF injections are not much painful. As needles of IVF injections are too thin to cause any pain.

IVF is not a single treatment but a series of procedures. IVF Procedure takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete 1 IVF cycle. While every infertility case is unique, and it is impossible to predict exactly how your cycle will go. In the 1st week: visits and consultations, Week 2-4: Pretreatment preparation for IVF, Week 5: medication and monitoring, Week 7: triggering, egg retrieval, and fertilization. Then after IVF, you will take a progesterone supplement to encourage implantation. And then after 12 days, you will be advised for a Blood Test to confirm the pregnancy.

After IVF procedure you should consider some points such as: Get plenty of sleep, Relax your mind, Don’t take stress, listen to your body, Don’t do heavy exercise, follow implantation diets or balanced diet as per IVF doctor advice, Avoid extremes of temperature, Take lots of protein, fiber, and vegetables. Avoid foods like high-mercury fish and soft cheeses and consult your IVF doctor about any vitamins or supplements you should be taking, and also avoid harmful substances such as alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.

IVF Procedure involves retrieving eggs from a female’s ovaries and fertilizing them with sperm. The fertilization of eggs done in IVF and this fertilized egg is known as an embryo, and it can be transferred to a woman’s uterus. And embryo can also be frozen for storage for future use. Depending on your infertility situation, IVF can involve your eggs and your partner’s sperm, your eggs and donor sperm, donor eggs and your partner’s sperm, donor eggs and donor sperm, donated embryos etc.