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Infertility Caused By Medication

Infertility Caused By Medication

Infertility occurs when a couple is not conceiving after having regular sex for one year. Infertility applies to either men or women or the combination of both. There are many reasons responsible for infertility or dropping your ability to get pregnant such as age, low sperm count, quality of eggs and more. Infertility caused by Medication, is an unknown factor for the females and you need to know everything about it in detail to increase your fertility rate. Moreover, if you have already known your infertility because of medications. So, the Sneh IVF fertility hospital may increase your hope to get pregnant and live your motherhood.

Apart from the treatments, it is very important for you to know every fact behind infertility in you. Your body is an important factor that reacts accordingly to what you do while undergoing pregnancy. A woman who already knows what medications to avoid while trying to conceive. But still, there are few things which you need to know for better your fertility rate.

How Medications Affect Fertility?

The misuse or extra use of medications affect fertility badly in both men and women. The use of drugs or other medications affects negatively for fertility. Also, it affects the lifestyle and wellness of a person. Moreover, how you use and how much is a crucial factor that declines fertility especially in females.

The use of nicotine gives a serious impact on your pregnancy and yes on the baby too, when the woman might know she is pregnant. The female fertility seriously disrupts with the use of heavy drugs and wrong medications while in men it disrupts sperm count and motility. This may cause serious damage to hormone production, periods, ovulation, infection in the reproductive tract, and some serious problems like thyroid.

If you are thinking of a baby and taking medications from the doctor, talk with Sneh IVF experts and get to about what you need to do to better your chances to get pregnant after the side effects of medications.

Symptoms Of Infertility

In the female the signs of infertility may include:

In The Male The Signs Of Male Infertility Are:

Diagnosis And Treating Infertility

If you’re struggling for a child for one year, it refers to infertility. You need to seek and advice from the doctor which may help you to identify the exact reason for infertility and give fertility pills to get pregnant. Sometimes a couple is already perfect to conceive, but due to some medications’ side effects, they have to suffer from this problem.

Ovulation testing – A blood test is performed by the doctor to check the LH hormone, which produces during ovulation and other hormones may be checked.
Hysterosalpingography- It is performed to check the shape, size, and abnormalities present in the uterus.
Ovarian reserve testing – this helps to determine the quality and quantity of eggs perfect for ovulation.
Imaging tests – with the help of ultrasound these tests are performed to check fallopian tubes, and pelvic conditions.

Infertility is not a simple disorder that can be treated by medicines. The treatment options may depend on the severity of your infertility causes. Whether it causes genital, medications, and more things are considered by the doctor.
Some women get treated by over the counter fertility drugs for a better ovulation process and to restore fertility levels.


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Infertility is a complex problem associated with men and women. At Sneh IVF Center you can easily get over the problems and live your parental dream successfully. We have a team of high-quality IVF doctors and you have a great opportunity to choose the best from you.
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