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Assessments before IVF

Why Does IVF Fail For The First Time ?

Should I try again, if it does not succeed at first?

At present, In-vitro fertilization is mostly used as it is the most effective treatment option for the couples who are inefficient to conceive for a year or above though having regular unprotected intercourse at the age of 35 or above. IVF is precise and controlled process where the fertilization is to be done outside the body in culture dish or test tube after retrieving sperm from the male and eggs from the female. Subsequently, when it results in embryo, it is rightly placed into the women’s uterus.

In spite of having great success rate with the advancement of technology, unfortunately very few times it does not work successfully for the first time on the ground of certain factors. And if happens so, it will lead to anger, frustration and anxiety but obvious. At that time, blaming each other is not the solution as it fails because of some uncontrollable factors. In this case, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to consult and to make the decision for further step.


 Factors of IVF failure:

  • Growth of the embryo: Sometimes embryos stop growing before the implantation which abstains from embryo placement
  • Quality of the embryo: This is one of the most common reasons behind the IVF failure. They may look healthy or perfect before implantation but carries defect few times that make them to die rather than grow. successful IVF requires good quality of embryos.
  • Women’s age: with the increasing age, the quality of eggs gets inferior and reduces the quantity too. This factor will greatly affect the chances of pregnancy with or without IVF
  • Ovarian response: before undergoing IVF treatment, women are to be given regular injections of fertility hormone to boost egg production i.e., Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) but some women’s ovaries does not respond rightly and fails to produce multiple eggs
  • Chromosomal abnormalities: the missing, surplus or irregular portion of DNA inherited from one of the parents. This could be the reason behind miscarriages or IVF failure
  • Implantation issues: it is very important to implant the embryo at correct location. Sometimes embryos failed to implant into the uterus because of the presence of the uterine polyps which leads to IVF failures
  • Lifestyle: it is very crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle before or after pregnancy or IVF treatment. Smoking, consuming alcohol, or drugs can work as enemy while undergoing this treatment. At least before 3-4 months, you must quit smoking in order to get successful IVF
  • Quality of sperm: well, it is the least affecting factor but can be one of them to fail IVF. They must be healthy, motile and enough competent with the sufficient quantity. Abnormal sperm is the one of the reasons for IVF failure in very rare case. So, before moving to IVF, it is good to get semen analysis test.

 Assessments before IVF 

However, there is requirement of some assessments before moving to IVF treatment in order to make it successful or to reduce the risk of repeat IVF failure. In either case, these assessments will help you,

  • Infection screening
  • Medications for ovarian response
  • Semen analysis
  • Uterine evaluation or hysterosalpingogram
  • Pre-implantation genetic testing
  • Immune testing
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation test

Our fertility specialists treated many patients who had unsuccessful treatment elsewhere. Before moving to IVF treatment, our specialists perform required assessments and review the medical record to suggest the best and to avoid the repetitive IVF failure. So, if you have previously experienced IVF treatment and have been unsuccessful or you are having this treatment for the first time, we can help you and get you the result you want. For more information or if you want to consult with our doctor, you can simply contact us. Get in touch with us. We are just a call away

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