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Skeptic infertile couples while choosing IVF treatment

Skeptic infertile couples while choosing IVF treatment

Scientific revolution in the field of assisted reproductive technique has bestowed couples who are getting failed to get pregnant in spite of trying for years. With the passing of time and advancement in science, pathway to parenthood has become easy.

There are umpteen fertility treatments for infertile couples to conceive, nonetheless some are still confused and bit benighted about every single detail of fertility treatments. Among numerous treatments, IVF is the best and successful way to conceive. Day after day, its success rate is rising significantly. However, some couples have failed to understand its depth, while some are unaware of it.

Find the crucial reasons here, why most infertile couples not go for IVF Treatment.

  • Lack of communication: Living in a society, where infertility is considered as a major issue. Couples find it difficult to converse about infertility either with family or with their own partner. They feel bit insecure or shameful while putting heads together to discuss and resolve this issue. They may not have better relationship between them as a concern of not having a child.
  • Ignorance: There are still some couples who are wholly unaware or bit unenlightened about the treatment options. In some areas, because of illiteracy, few get misunderstood or few grab partial knowledge which can mislead anyone. This condition leaves them with stress, anger, anxiety and depression. What more, some couples tend to take divorce even because of getting failed to conceive.
  • Adoption: As said earlier, there are plethora of options available for infertile couples. They make a list of suitable treatments for them, and pick out the most suitable from them. Some couples opt for adoption as they find it easy and straightforward process. They don’t want to go for medical procedures and if biological linkage of child is not a major concern for them, then they opt for adoption.
  • IVF treatment cost: In a view of the fact, IVF is an artificial insemination, which embraces multiple medical procedures. IVF treatment require specialized doctors, various medical screening, use of advanced technologies, therefore it costs at every juncture. Couples find it expensive and reject this option. However, nowadays there are few insurance companies which cover fertility treatment costs under health insurance.
  • Religious myths and beliefs: This is already undoubtable that how stressful infertility is, when adding myths on it, it becomes even more stressful. As a part of this society, infertility is a very big deal and some people believe that only natural conception is the way to conceive a child which is biologically linked to them. They think that test-tube babies and IVF babies are not biologically linked to parents. The people who are deeply involved in ethics calls it a violation of their religion to have the fertilization of an egg outside their body.
  • Decide to stay child-free: Infertility is quite debilitating condition that at some point couples get tired for making efforts to conceive and make a decision to stay child free for the whole life by choice. They decide to have no child either by natural conception or by any treatments.
  • Other reasons: Couples tend to reject IVF treatment owing to some other factors also such as elder’s decision, prefer to try to conceive naturally or by other natural ways, on the ground of their health and age, prefer other fertility treatment such as IUI, unbearable and lengthy approach, find it painful etc.

To be above board, let’s unmask the truth that IVF is the best option to choose for couples who are facing trouble in getting pregnant. It is safe and has highest success rate when juxtaposed with the other fertility treatments. At Sneh Hospital, thousands of babies have born through IVF. It may seem expensive and lengthy to you but it is just a matter of efforts you want to make to complete your family. There are various options for covering IVF cost. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is lengthy for all couples as it depends on various other factors too. So, book your appointment for consultation with our specialist.