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Is IVF possible after Tubal Ligation?

Is IVF possible after tubal ligation?

Several Women after tubal ligation often raises a question “can I still get pregnant after tubal ligation?”. Tubal ligation is referred as the fallopian tubes are cut, tied or blocked to prevent birth for whatever reason. Owing to certain changes in their life, they now wanting to have a child. But is it possible to conceive after having your tubes tied?

The Answer to this question is a big yes! You have 2 pathways to conceive. Either you can go for tubal reversal or IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) and it would be best if you have word with specialist before plunging into any.”

In case a woman has undergone tubal ligation for permanent birth control and now she wants a child. In this respect, tubal reversal may not be the best option for her since she had permanent sterilization. But yes! there are good odds to get pregnant through IVF.

Tubal reversal Vs. IVF:

Tubal ligation reversal:

  • It is a surgical and invasive procedure which reconnects the cut or blocked tube again but there must be enough healthy tissues to reconnect them
  • To perform this surgery, large incision in the stomach is made which creates considerable discomfort and takes long time to recover
  • If there are shorter stumps (tubes), it will reduce the odds of getting pregnant
  • In case, the women are under 35, tubes are long that can be reconnected easily, and have no other fertility issues, can conceive easily
  • Tubal reversal surgeries are not always successful and may take long time to conceive
  • It may create trouble, if the male partner has poor quality of sperms and female partner has poor quality of egg then tubal reversal surgery may not be fruitful
  • The biggest advantage is tubal reversal surgery narrow downs the risk of multiple births or ectopic pregnancies

In-Vitro Fertilization:

  • It is the process whereby insemination is done outside the body in culture dish or test- tube and when it results into healthy embryo. Subsequently, transferred in the uterus of women
  • IVF has comparatively higher chances of pregnancy. But the only risk is multiple pregnancy as ovaries are stimulated to produce multiple eggs however this factor is controllable
  • Mostly women choose IVF after tubal ligation as it takes short time to conceive and minimally invasive procedure
  • Women can avoid invasive surgery by choosing IVF

How IVF works after Tubal Ligation?

Before undergoing IVF, it would be better if you meet our fertility specialists at Sneh Hospital. They will guide you and will choose the best of all for you. This meeting will include discussion regarding your current health status and your medical history. So, it will become easy for our doctors to check if you are a good candidate for IVF and success rate of IVF for you.

At first, you will be given fertility medications to stimulate the follicles in order to boost the production of eggs. After this, you will have to visit the clinic for ultrasound and blood tests. We can monitor your follicles.

Once, you get enough follicles, our specialist will give you final trigger shot to release the egg. we will retrieve your eggs from the ovaries. This procedure is minimally invasive. Every so often, we give sedation to our patients for their relaxation though it is less invasive.

On the same day, male partner has to provide sample of semen to the clinic. Later, sperm will be separated from the liquid at the laboratory. On the completion of sperm and egg retrieval, both will be kept together to fertilize for five or six days under observation to monitor the growth of the embryo.

When the embryos will get mature, doctor will choose the most viable embryo and surplus will be kept for the use in later date. Afterwards, embryo will be rightly implanted in the uterus through cervix of the women under ultrasound. This will result into pregnancy.

So yes! you can take the great pleasure in being a mother if you have decided to be, even though you have your tubes tied. Sneh Hospital is right here to resolve all your issues and take over all your worries. Don’t worry about anything, just connect with us! Our doctors provide personalized care to every patient because we totally understand that every patient has their unique need.