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How many times can IUI be done before IVF?

Are you facing fertility challenges? Are you trying to conceive a baby over a year? Well, there are various options for you to conceive your dream such as IUI, IVF etc.

The very first treatment recommended by our fertility specialist is IUI Intrauterine Insemination after failing through natural conception or fertility medications. It is a process which involves directly injecting specially washed and concentrated semen (sperms) through the cervix inside her uterus (womb) around the time she is ovulating.

When should one consider IUI?

If couples failed to conceive through fertility medications then they are recommended IUI treatment when there are conditions such as male factor infertility, low sperm count or sperm motility, ejaculation problem, unexplained infertility, problem with cervical mucus, endometriosis, ovulation factor infertility etc.

It is a pretty quick, less invasive and straightforward process. IUI is safe as it is perfectly performed under ultrasound with keen eyes. Few couples successfully conceive in the first IUI cycle, few may fail to conceive. But what’s the next step after the unsuccessful IUI cycle?

When should you switch to IVF In-vitro Fertilization?

It is often a question from many couples that what to do if the first IUI cycle fails? So, this is a situation that various couples undergo while trying to conceive using artificial reproductive techniques.

In fact, you probably need to have three to four attempts before you successfully get pregnant. In some cases, some women get pregnant in the first attempt while some may need more than one. Our doctors suggest that if you are under 35 years, then you should undergo 3-5 cycles of IUI before moving to IVF.

If you are above 35, then chances of successful IUI cycle is pretty less while IVF is best for them. On top of everything, some factors affect the chances of pregnancy and so, it is best to consult with the fertility specialist for your safety.