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5 Most Interesting Facts About IVF Treatment

5 Most Interesting Facts About IVF Treatment

Many people are skeptical about IVF treatment or even sometimes mislead by this term also. IVF is a blessing for couples who are facing difficulty in pregnancy and failed to conceive for many years. This modern technique raises hope in infertile couples.

Deciding on IVF treatment is a pretty big move. Basically, IVF is an artificial reproductive technique that involves fertilization of an egg in a culture dish or petri dish, and on the maturation of the embryo, it is rightly implanted into the mother’s womb. Afterwards, the embryo will turn into the baby and she will carry that tiny soul in her belly for nine months just like in the natural conception.

Just look through this write-up to know some interesting facts about IVF treatment:

IVF is not so uncommon:

Owing to various factors such as sedentary lifestyle, medical conditions, genetic conditions, and many more, people are becoming victims of infertility. Infertility has become more common in couples and so is the IVF treatment. One out of every 8 men is suffering from infertility. They are failing to conceive for years and IVF is blessing them with their dream.

IVF gives good chances of twins:

During the IVF cycle, if more than one embryo is implanted then, it will result in multiple pregnancies. Sometimes, a single egg gets divided inside after the implantation which also results in Around 30-40% of the couples successfully conceiving twins through IVF treatment. Twin sounds cute and it’s like a dream for many couples. However, multiple births are a bit risky and need extra specialized medical care. IVF gives a great chance of conceiving twins.

The age of partners matters for IVF treatment:

whether you want to conceive naturally or through IVF treatment, age is the most dominating factor for pregnancy. As the age increases, the quality of eggs in women and sperm in men becomes poor. In nutshell, increasing age decreases fertility which reduces the chances of getting pregnant. If you are older, like above 35, then the success rate of IVF may get low.

IVF has various types:

Yes, it is true, there are various types of IVF such as conventional IVF, natural IVF, needle-free IVF (Injection free IVF) and mini IVF. Once your fertility screening and physical examination is done, the doctor will recommend you the best fit IVF in accordance with your body.

IVF is worth it in the end:

Though infertility is debilitating and frustrating for you, it gives you a lot of physical and psychological trauma during the cycle, but in the end it will all be worth IVF will leave you with all the positive things and you may not regret it.

 “All you need is patience because IVF will leave you with all the good things ultimately”