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IVF Egg Donation Centre in Ahmedabad

One of the best hope for every infertile woman is using egg Donation program. With this technique, the fertility doctor makes it possible for a woman to achieve parenthood with happiness. A woman who is suffering from menopause, premature ovarian damage, fallopian tubal damage, and other effects, IVF Egg Donation Centre in Ahmedabad brings hope for everyone. This program adds boom to every infertile couple so, get ready now to live your dream with Sneh IVF. Sneh IVF is one of the best IVF fertility clinic in Ahmedabad that may help you to live successfully.

We will provide you with well-tested treatment from the professional IVF specialist. If you are infertile and looking for the way to become a mother of a child, then find out what egg donation program is and how it can help to bring happiness in your life.

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What Is Egg Donation Program?

In many cases, some women eggs are not viable to carry a baby and conceive. Premature ovarian failure, age, menopause, and immature eggs are some fertility concerns that make impossible for a woman to conceive. The egg donation program is a highly viable and perfect method to achieve pregnancy. In donor eggs, the eggs are produced by some other woman to develop embryo for the recipient.

Sneh IVF is one of the largest Egg donor banks In Ahmedabad. We have excellent numbers of eggs and sperms available for both male and female partner. For more details, the egg donor price must contact on given details.

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The Procedure of Egg Donation Program

Step 1- Screening of Donor

The first step of any fertility doctor and egg donor clinic is to select the ideal candidates who are viable to produce eggs and undergo egg retrieval process easily.

Step 2- Egg Donor Matching

If a couple is ready to use a donor egg program, the fertility doctor selects an ideal candidate who is well-matched with the recipient.

Step 3- Ovarian Stimulation

Once the ideal candidate is selected, the fertility doctor advises fertility medications to the donor to stimulate her ovary for increasing the number of mature eggs than a normal. During this journey, the doctor will examine you thoroughly via ultrasound and blood tests.

Infertility Treatments

  • IVF Treatment
  • ICSI Treatment
  • IUI Treatment
  • IMSI Treatment
  • Semen Freezing
  • Ovulation Induction
  • Donor Programmes
  • Fertility Preservation

Step 4- Lining Development

While the donor egg on egg retrieval journey, the doctor make a healthy environment in the recipient by adding testosterone and progesterone in the body for the successful implantation.

Step 5- Egg Retrieval

After monitoring of donor when the doctor sees the eggs are ready, the egg retrieval process starts. In this, the doctor uses a small thin needle to carry out eggs from the donor ovaries. The donor is required to take rest.

Step 6- Embryo development

The retrieved eggs are fertilized with partner sperms under special labs. This takes 3-4 days for proper embryo development that work further for conception.

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Are you looking for the Affordable Infertility and IVF Clinic in India? Our main focus is to offer low cost fertility treatment packages with high IVF success rate. Need to discuss your Infertility case?


What is the donor egg IVF success rates in Ahmedabad?
With the Donor egg IVF, the IVF success rate usually increases than normal. According to SART in 2013, the success rate of IVF is 15% more than the recipient. Egg quality is a major factor that boosts the results. If the woman uses donor egg in age if 42, the chances of having a baby is 50%.
What Is Egg Donor Cost In Ahmedabad?
The egg donation IVF cost is in Ahmedabad expensive than sperm donation. The average cost of egg donation can range from Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 42,000. However, it depends on various factors such as donor availability and quality.
Where to Find Egg Donor Bank in Ahmedabad?
India is a rich place with specializing IVF doctors and viable donor candidates. In India, there are so many places where you can find the best egg donation clinic, but sometimes you need to care about the following things while choosing this option.

  • Search for the highly-experienced egg donation clinics
  • Ask for a referral from friends and family
  • Prep the list of top 5 clinics near you
  • Make a friendly talk with Doctor
How Long Does Egg Donation Process Take?
The egg donation process usually takes one month for the complete process, if the donor is available and perfect for the recipient. Just in case, the donor is not available in your specific time, so screening for the next donor starts and it will take time to find another woman who is viable and perfect.
Is The Egg Donor The Biological Parent?
If the patient uses donor eggs, the characteristics of egg or sperm usually of that person from whom you are taking help. A recipient is just a place of a healthy environment for the baby. The fetus uses only pregnant woman vitamins, minerals, bones, organs, and more. But the real concept, with the use of donor you are not the biological parent.

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