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Infertility is common these days. It can be hard to determine is which the best IVF Centre in Ankleshwar will be the right fertility clinic for you. There is a little difference in IVF treatments performed in the test tube baby centre in Ankleshwar. We help you to get the idea of which IVF centre is right for IVF treatment in India.

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What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment?

IVF is well known as In Vitro Fertilization. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), ‘vitro’ means glass which is a latin word. So In Vitro Fertilization means in glass fertilization. IVF is the common assisted reproductive technology (ART) technique used for infertility treatment. Test tube baby is before the development of In Vitro Fertilization in the twentieth century. In this process, sperm fertilizes an egg and help the fertilized egg implant in your uterus. The whole process done in a laboratory dish.

What is the IVF Process in Ankleshwar step by step?

Below are some steps for the IVF Procedure in Ankleshwar: Synthetic hormones will be used to boost your eggs, to stimulate your ovaries to produce many eggs to utilized in the IVF process.

Testing and Ovarian Stimulation

In the IVF first step best IVF doctor suggest you take some medicines that help your ovaries to produce several eggs. Medications you may expect to need to include: These eggs are mature and ready for fertilization. After that, the doctor will suggest you for the hormonal testing and vaginal ultrasounds. After the test, you will receive a trigger shot of hCG or other medication if need. So eggs are capable of being fertilized.

Egg Retrieval

The eggs then removed from your donor or you without any pain-causing. After the thirty-six hours of the trigger shot, egg retrieval procedure then performed. Then by the ultrasound with a small needle through the top of the vagina into ovary. A needle used for the entrance of follicles and removal of follicular fluid contents. It takes 30 minutes to complete the process.


When eggs reach on the lab, the IVF expert checks the quality and maturity of eggs. The fertilization processes are done by using washed sperm. Then in a small petri dish, the sperm and mature eggs are placed to fertilize.

Embryo Transfer

It is about 3-5 days after egg retrieval. The right selected embryo chosen. Within 1 to 2 months after the egg retrieval, embryo thawed and transferred into the uterus. The fertilised eggs are allowed to grow into blastocysts before you’re introduced into your uterus to grow a child or baby.

Pregnancy Test

After two weeks of embryo implantation, our team will suggest test to see whether the treatment was successful by doing a pregnancy test.

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Sneh IVF support throughout Your IVF Treatment Journey:

Sneh IVF’s mission lies in assisting infertile couples to through established IVF treatment solutions. We at our Test Tube Baby Centre in Ankleshwar reduce emotional and physical strain on your mind and body throughout your infertility journey with IVF treatment. Our medical staff always ready to support you with useful information, emotional support and guidance every step of the infertility journey.

If you are considering for in vitro fertilization treatment, then take detailed knowledge of In Vitro Fertilization first. Whatever your infertility issues, Our IVF Team always available here to provide you with guidance and support. Our IVF Centre in Ankleshwar offers patient satisfied treatments with the latest technologies, strategies and techniques. Our Sneh IVF teams provide you with the support, grand logical assessment and guidance whatever your infertility issues as per your need.

IVF Centre in Ankleshwar offers treatments for the following condition:

We will treat you with the advanced treatment care, as per your infertility treatment need.

  • Low sperm count
  • Blocked Vas Deferens (tubes)
  • Swelling of the veins of testes
  • Infection of the testicles
  • Chromosomal Defects
  • Prior Surgeries
  • Old Age Infertility

Some Of the Infertility Treatment Options:

We are experienced at various infertility treatment options, including intracytoplasmic morphological sperm injection and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. We diagnosis and find out the perfect treatment option for you and increases the chances of successful treatment.

What is the IVF Success Rate in Ankleshwar

When our team fertilizes eggs outside of your body by ensuring that it increases the chances of you becoming pregnant. Our dedicated treatment processes are always evolving to become safer and more effective here at Sneh IVF day by day. We are passionate about getting our patients the successful outcomes whether they desire irrespective of marital status, sexual orientation or gender preference. Infertility can take a toll on individuals and couples. Our every treatment process is bespoke and individualized that suit your infertility problem. Our IVF Team carry out superb quality of the infertility treatments with patient satisfaction solutions with high IVF success rate in Ankleshwar.

We find out your unique challenges and infertility situation at our centre of your treatment. Many of our patients surprised by the quick and effective treatment process at which our expert professionals have got the results. IVF success rate in India increase or decrease due to the many factors. Such as types of infertility, women Age, past medical history, Genetic Problem etc. Here are the IVF success rate percentages as per women Age.

Here is the table which describes the IVF success rate percentages as per women age.

  • IVF Success Rate is 45% for under age 35 years women.
  • IVF Success Rate is 42% for underage between 35–37 years women.
  • IVF Success Rate is 21% for underage between 38–39 years women.
  • IVF Success Rate is 14% for underage between 40–42 years women.
  • IVF Success Rate is 5% for underage between 43–45 years women.
  • IVF Success Rate is 2% under age 45 and over the years women
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How Much Does IVF Cost in Ankleshwar?

IVF cost in Ankleshwar is best affordable as compared to another city. So due to the lowest tube baby cost in Ankleshwar is the major attraction for medical tourism. IVF cost will increase or decrease depends upon the types of infertility treatment procedure need to be required. IVF cost depends upon so many factors such as types of infertility, age of the female, unexpected infertility issues, location, and need of additional IVF treatment etc.

How Beneficial getting IVF treatment in Ankleshwar

Patients are always satisfied, provided for by specialist female clinicians. IVF in India takes an evidence-based approach to fertility and is professionals are experts in the field of reproductive health medicine. IVF cost in India is so affordable, and we have special packages depending on your medical conditions.

Why Choose Sneh IVF as the Best Test Tube Baby Centre

Sneh IVF Centre is the Best Test Tube Baby Centre in India with the highest IVF Success Rate of more than 70% with its advanced treatment options. There are many reasons why many infertile couples come to visit our IVF centre for infertility treatment.

  • We have the devoted team of IVF specialists
  • Our team provides the best support in your infertility journey
  • Standard quality of fertility treatment with the most advanced technology and methods
  • High IVF Success Rate with low IVF cost in India.
  • Performed over 5,000 successful IVF procedures.
  • We organize related infertility care activities like counselling, wellness coaching, and stress reduction, yoga and meditation classes.
  • Highly skilled nursing staff with well-spoken.
  • Our IVF Doctor Dr.Nisarg Dharaiya was awarded “GUJARAT NU GAURAV” for my work in the Healthcare sector by the CHIEF MINISTER of Gujarat Shri. VIJAY RUPANI SIR.
  • Our Sneh IVF Centre which globally recognized as Asia’s 100 Greatest Brands 2017-18.
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IVF Treatment FAQ’s

What is ivf treatment for pregnancy?
The process of achieving pregnancy with the help of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) with IVF known as IVF Pregnancy. After a successful round of IVF, patients might wonder that they can expect from an IVF pregnancy. Usually One full cycle of IVF takes about three weeks but the process can take longer in some cases.
How many days ivf treatment takes?
Basically IVF treatment takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete one cycle of IVF. IVF treatment performed within some stages such as Stimulating ovaries, Egg retrieval, Fertilization, Embryo transfer, the final blood test to confirm the pregnancy.
What is the success rate of ivf treatment?
IVF success rates are essentially the pregnancy rates after IVF. Woman is younger than 35 years and infertility is less, and IVF success rate may be up to 40%. Success rates can be as high as 45% due to experienced IVF doctor.
what are the disadvantages of ivf treatment?
IVF increases the risk of multiple births if more than one embryo is transferred to your uterus. The disadvantages of IVF treatment of risks of IVF include: Multiple births ,Egg-retrieval procedure complications, Birth defects, Ectopic pregnancy, Premature delivery.
Can ivf treatment cause early menopause ?
IVF could cause a woman to go through the menopause early because during the IVF process use of stimulating process the ovaries to generate the eggs required for treatment might speed up their decline and pushing a woman towards the menopause faster. If your periods have stopped before the age of 40 and then you need to talk to your doctor about it.
How much does it cost for ivf treatment?
The average IVF cost in India ranges between Rs. 95,000 to Rs. 2,50,000, its dependent on your infertility issues and some other factors.
Can we travel after ivf treatment?
Yes you can travel after IVF treatment, There is no evidence that travel impacts IVF pregnancy. you can fly the same night or the next day of embryo transfer process.
How many injections for ivf treatment?
The number of injections for IVF treatment will depend on the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) protocol chosen for you by your IVF doctor. Basically patients receive injections for 8 to 10 days, but some must take them for a little longer.
what is the procedure for ivf treatment?
IVF is not a single-step procedure, it is a long process that normally stretches over 6 weeks, the procedure for IVF Treatment performed within some step by step IVF process such as: pre testing of your ovulation, Ovary Stimulation, Egg Retrieval process, Insemination & Embryo Fertilization, Embryo development process, Embryo transformation, And then Two weeks after the embryo transfer you are suggested to a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.
Does ivf treatment cause weight gain?
As we all know Pregnancy clearly causes weight gain, it does not mean IVF Treatment cause weight gain, but the high estrogen levels during the super ovulation phase of the IVF cycle can lead to fluid retention and cause weight gain.

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