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High-Risk Pregnancy Care

High-Risk Pregnancy Care : What You Need To Know

Being pregnant for a woman is full package of excitement, joy, stress, anxiety and bulk of questions & dilemmas at the same time. Will my baby be ok? What things do I need to avoid, care should I be taken, common factors for high-risk pregnancy? And many more.

Majority of women undergo a routine course, healthy pregnancy and deliver normal babies. Somehow, some women have high risk pregnancy and they need specialized medical care from the specialists at that time to have healthy pregnancy. The term “high risk pregnancy” referred as medical complications related to their health and their baby’s health. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to lose baby or anything bad will happen but in rare cases, it can be life threatening.

Early prenatal care can narrow down the risk in pregnancy and promote healthy pregnancy. Know more about high-risk pregnancy and promote yourself for healthy pregnancy.


  • Maternal age – if a woman is under 17 or above 35, then their pregnancy is at greater risk and may have certain complications. It can increase the chances of miscarriage.
  • Pre-pregnancy Medical conditions– Obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, kidney disease, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, heart or blood disorders, PCOS, poorly controlled asthma, and infections can increase pregnancy risks.
  • Medical conditions during pregnancy– preeclampsia, depression, gestational diabetes, infection, growth problem, birth defects etc.
  • Overweight/ underweight– if a woman is over or under weight before the pregnancy can lead to certain pregnancy complications
  • Multiple pregnancies– woman carrying triplets, twins or multiple pregnancies need to take extra care than other pregnancies
  • Addictions– smoking any illegal drugs, too much of alcohol can cause pregnancy complications
  • Problems with the anatomy of the uterus, cervix or placenta
  • Premature labor, placenta previa are the pregnancy related issues


First of all, if your pregnancy is at risk, doctor will let you know on the spur of the moment. Then, he will prepare a prenatal care chart for you to keep you & your baby safe and to promote a healthy pregnancy. it may include following,

  • Schedule regular appointment plus extra appointments with doctor
  • Recommend immunizations
  • Tests and ultrasound
  • Healthy diet plan
  • Appointment with genetic counselor
  • Appointment with physician
  • Moderate and safe exercise plan
  • Bed rest at home of extremely required
  • Avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking

If you feel certain symptoms like vaginal bleeding, pain, cramps, vaginal discharge, severe headache, dizziness, fever or chill, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, swelling over body, decreased fetal activity, you should always contact doctor which will help you to reduce further risk.


Our doctor may recommend you to undergo following,

  • Ultrasound– fetal ultrasound which helps to show the image of the baby in the uterus by sending high frequency sound waves
  • Prenatal cell free DNA screening- it is done by extracting DNA from the mother and fetus to detect the chromosomal abnormalities
  • Maternal blood pressure- this reading screens you for preeclampsia if having.
  • Amniocentesis- sample of fluid is drawn from the surrounding of fetus to identify certain genetic conditions or brain abnormalities
  • BPP- biophysical profile ultrasound used to check the condition of baby inside the uterus and also monitors fetal heart rate
  • Lab test– it is conducted to detect any infection or disease like HIV and test your urine for urinary tract infection

Above diagnosis will help you to reduce the pregnancy risk and further uncertainty. You should follow the below tips for being alert before or during the pregnancy even if it is healthy,

  • Share all the details and be honest with your doctor
  • Attend all prenatal appointments
  • Stay away from stress and depression to protect your mental health
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Take measures to prevent infections
  • Choose healthy life style
  • Eat healthy food

When you want help, get the best pregnancy advice from our expert doctors at Sneh Hospital. Don’t hesitate to  contact us if you feel any symptoms or anything.

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