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    What Is The Role of Top IVF Centre For Successful IVF Process?

    IVF is a complex treatment that requires a lot of attention from your IVF doctor. Dr Nisarg Dharaiya is one of the best ivf doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After all, he/she will be the only person who can make your parental dream comes true. Well, in all over India there are so many IVF specialists are available, but you need to look for the experienced and the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad that may guide you well in every stage of your treatment. You know that selecting the best IVF doctor mat tricky, but if you what IVF is all about and what are your chances to get pregnant so this may become a little easier.

    However, in terms of innovation and techniques, IVF treatment uses the same technique in different locations and hospitals, but you should make your decision only after checking out the professionalism of the staff and expertise in IVF treatment.

    For every couple, having a child is feeling completed. To conceive a pregnancy, strong sperm, uterus, embryos, and eggs are crucial. If anyone fails in this process, the doctors recommend IVF treatment. Undoubtedly, The IVF treatment brings hope in infertile couples.

    It is outstanding modern technology which makes it possible for a couple to get their biological baby in their hands, who are struggling for a year to conceive. In India, the overall IVF success rate is 30%- 35%.
    Well, every couple has own fertility issues. So, you do not need to make your decision after knowing about some negative results. Take the advice from experts and go through complete medical tests to know about your chances of getting pregnant.

    What is IVF Treatment?

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex process in which egg and sperm combined outside the body under special labs. The IVF expert performs the entire process as to increasing the chances of pregnancy.

    Step-by-step IVF process

    The IVF process start to finish may include the following steps:
    1. Day 1 of your period – the doctor will help you to identify your day 1 period.
    2. Stimulating Ovaries – the doctor may give you injections or medications to increase the number of eggs in the body.
    3. Egg Retrieval – in this, the eggs are collected from the ovaries.
    4. Use of Sperm Either Donor Or Partner – if the male partner has low sperm quality, the doctor will take sperm and send it into the washing process to prepare it for fertilization.
    5. Fertilization – the doctor places the eggs and sperm in a special petri dish and insert into the female womb for natural fertilization.
    6. Embryo Development – when the sperm fertilized with eggs in special labs, it refers to embryo development.
    7. Embryo Transfer – once the embryo develops, the doctor will transfer into the female uterus in the hope of a successful pregnancy.
    8. Blood Test – after a few days of embryo transfer, the doctor will perform a blood test to know whether the pregnancy is achieved or not.

    Who needs IVF Treatment?

    Having trouble in conceiving? It is a common reason that we have found in couples to go for IVF. The primary causes may include:

    • Tubal Factor/ pelvic Connexions
    • Male infertility
    • Age-related infertility
    • PCOS
    • Undetermined infertility


    Risks involved in IVF

    Most of the couples achieved success in infertility treatment, so their risks were low. While undergoing treatment, there is no risk of blood loss or any infection. However, women may have chances to conceive twins.
    Sometimes the body does not support treatment in an initial stage, hence the patient may experience a few side effects such as constipation, pass out of fluid, headache, cramping, and gastric issues.

    IVF Success

    To be very honest, the severity of getting success in IVF depends on age, your doctor exercise and the health of a woman. If her body is compatible to support changes, the more chances increase to get success in the treatment. Eggs and sperm also play a crucial role in the success of IVF. If you want the highest success rate, then you need to look for the best test-tube baby centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    Cost of IVF

    The ordinary IVF cost of one cycle treatment in Fertility center would be Rs. 90,000, which can raise to 1, 50,000 lakhs; excluding your doctor fee, medicines, injections, and all such expenses. This could vary from a person to a person, because of several health factors or might be your infertility issues. Sneh ivf offer affordable ivf treatment cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


    The IVF treatment makes possible for every aged woman to get pregnant; however, the chances of getting pregnancy may vary from woman to woman. In most cases, the IVF generates negative results; therefore no one doctor gives complete surety of the results. But yes there is a huge hope that you can conceive if everything goes well.