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What Is The Difference Between IUI And IVF?

What is the Difference Between IUI And IVF?

In vitro fertilizations (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI) are two of the most popular fertility procedures. Consider your fertility treatment choices if you’re having trouble becoming pregnant naturally.

Of course, you have some inquiries concerning the capabilities and differences of each of these treatments. In order to assist you choose which method is ideal for you, our specialists at Sneh Hospital & IVF Centre, can walk you through the distinctions between IUI and IVF treatments.

What is IUI : Procedure for Intrauterine Insemination

The intended mother or surrogate’s uterus is injected with the intended father’s sperm once or twice during an IUI (or artificial insemination) treatment in the days after her ovulation

IUI increases the likelihood that the sperm and egg will combine to form a fertile embryo by injecting the sperm directly into the uterus. A successful conception and pregnancy are also more likely when higher sperm concentrations are used.

IUI Benefits and Drawbacks:

IUIs are frequently selected because they take less time and generally cost less than IVF. The male partner’s (or a donor’s) sperm is directly put into the uterus during the IUI technique. The ovulation of the female partner also occurs during the process.

Women under the age of 35 are often advised to undergo intrauterine insemination since they have a greater success rate than women beyond the age of 35. With only approximately a 5% likelihood, women over the age of 40 had the lowest success rate with IUI.

It’s also crucial to remember that there is a higher chance of multiple births (twins or more) when IUI is paired with the usage of fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries.

If the IUIs are unsuccessful, many women choose to go through two to three rounds of IUI before attempting in vitro fertilizations.

What is IVF : Process of In Vitro Fertilizations

One of the most popular and effective fertility treatment options is in vitro-fertilizations. As stated earlier, our doctors advise trying IVF if three or more cycles of IUI are unsuccessful. This procedure involves the use of fertility medicines to stimulate the ovaries, which stimulates the creation of several eggs at once.

When the eggs are ready, they are removed and fertilized in a lab with sperm. The uterus is then filled with the resultant embryos. The embryos may attach to the uterine wall after this embryo transfer procedure is finished, leading to a pregnancy.

Why intending parents choose IVF?

IUI is less successful than IVF on average. For women over 40, it is the procedure that is most strongly advised.

Moreover, IVF allows the fertility specialist and the intended parents’ better control over the quantity of embryos transplanted into the uterus, reducing the possibility of multiple births.

IVF, however, comes at a higher price and necessitates more fertility drugs. To decide whether IVF or IUI is best for you given your specific source of infertility, you will need to consult with our fertility doctor. The IVF technique is more expensive than artificial insemination.

Choosing Between IVF and IUI: A Guide

Consultation with a fertility specialist is the best method to decide if IUI or IVF is the best option for you. In the end, you may be able to make the best choice for yourself, but doctors can offer professional advice in light of your age, condition, and the cause of your infertility.

Younger couples may be strong candidates for IUI because they often have more effectiveness with the procedure. However, if further IUI cycles are required because fertilisation was unsuccessful, the cost of this procedure may increase. Because of this, it’s critical to consider the costs, advantages, and dangers before making a choice.

It might be time to consult a fertility specialist if you have attempted to get pregnant for more than a year without success. To arrange a consultation and learn more about the variations between IUI and IVF fertility treatments, get in touch with our fertility center right away.