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How to Improve Your IVF Success Rate 7 Tips

Know How to Improve Your IVF Success Rate

In the hope of becoming a mother, you have gone through the IVF treatment, and of course, you want to make it successful naturally. Well, there are few IVF cases resulted in unsuccessful based on factors like age, weight, and quality of sperm or eggs of the couple. The IVF (In Vitro fertilization) is not an easy method to get a successful pregnancy. It requires great care from the patient who is undergoing the IVF process.

Conceiving becomes challenging during the IVF process. However, when you meet with an IVF doctor, he/she will give you hope and success rate of IVF after studying your case and everything. If you think everything depends on the doctor, so you are completely wrong. Your efforts, passion, and desire can help you to get success in the IVF journey.

Your habits, listening to the doctor, following your doctor diet plans, and many more things you need to consider while undergoing In vitro fertilization treatment.

Spending multiple hours in the hospital and enough amount of your saving in the Treatments needs worth that is why we are here for your help. In this page, we are going to share some secrets and tips with you, which can increase the chances of IVF success.

I know it is a difficult time for you, but changing some of your habits and adding some tips in your diet can boost the chances of fertilization, so why don’t we apply them?
The given tips are recommended by the IVF experts so take a look.

Tips you should follow

1. Always Go For a Rich Diet

While getting IVF cycle sessions, you may experience pain and stress in mind and the body. Sometimes this may lower your confidence and stamina to take next step, but if you eat a rich diet loaded with antioxidants, proteins, minerals, and vitamins your body becomes strong and you can bear emotional and physical trauma.

Rich diet does not include heavy metals. You need to eat fresh fruits, juice, take high fiber meal, nuts, and
many more. This influence the chances to get a successful pregnancy.

2. Avoid the Use of Cosmetics

The IVF doctor advice to every woman while undergoing this treatment to avoid the use of cosmetics. No matter what brand you are using. You need to avoid it until the success of IVF. These are made of harsh chemicals, hence this reduces the chances and even become the reasons for side effects.

3. Do Not Use Pain-Killers

As I said, IVF is a quite painful treatment. This may trouble you physically badly because you have to undergo various physical treatments that may create pain. If you feel pain or any other issues in the body, must speak with your IVF doctor. Do not take any medication of your choice, this may give risks in pregnancy.

4. Take Enough Sleep

Having adequate sleep of complete 8 hours can improve the success rate of IVF first time. If a person gets good sleep, the sleeping hormone melatonin works properly in reproduction. The ideal sleep time for good results is 10 pm to 6 am.

5. Forget About Sex

During the IVF cycle, it is highly advisable to avoid sex whether it is manually or sexually. Through the sex, the entire process changes into a mess and you left with only a few chances to get success.

6. Reduce Stress

Stress can have a negative impact on your chances of success with IVF. There are a number of things you can do to reduce stress, such as yoga, meditation, and spending time with loved ones.

7. Be Patient

IVF is a complex process, and it can take time to achieve success. It’s important to be patient and to trust the process.

Some Beneficial Tips You Should Use To Boost Fertility with IVF

  • Drink water as much as you can
  • Take massage for relaxation
  • Be happy
  • Go for the vacation
  • Go light exercise or yoga
  • Spend your quality time with your parent or friends
  • Stay positive

IVF Success Rate in Ahmedabad

The IVF success rates in Ahmedabad depends on various aspects such as age, numbers of embryos, and quality of eggs and sperm. Let us take a quick look at every point in detail:


Age is a crucial factor which influences the success rate of IVF. Age is a dominating factor in IVF because with the growing age the quality of eggs in women declines, so we do not estimate how much IVF sacksful in your case. As per the estimates, the IVF success rate under 35 is 33%- 35%, whereas if the women are 25 years old, the chances are higher i.e. 46% and the IVF success rate over 40 years aged women is only 14%- 20%.

Quality of Embryo

Nothing is important than IVF success rates first time by age and number of embryos used in IVF cycle. If they are in great quality the chances are higher as compare to other factors.

Final Words

To increase the IVF success rate in your case, you must follow the above tips and follow up your doctor. This may increase the chances and brings happiness in your life.