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    Egg Freezing – Know How is This Beneficial in Late Pregnancy !

    The freezing of sperm and embryos has been recognized for long as way to pursue treatments for Fertility later on in life its also known as oocyte cryopreservation. Nowadays, the new techniques for freezing of eggs have lead to greater success. Due to this reason, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine no longer takes egg freezing as a procedure for experimental purposes. Ideal Candidates for Egg Freezing

    Now, we look into the candidates, who are ideal for going through the process of egg freezing. They include:

    • Women Who Intend To Put Off Childbearing: Generally fertility tends to decline with the advancement of age in women. Along with that, women who are in their twenties or thirties have less risk of Miscarriage taking place and giving birth to babies with defects, in comparison to aged women. This happens mainly because of the increase in the percentage of embryos with abnormalities in the chromosome, which occurs with the advancement of age. Due to the problems that are associated with reproductive aging, a lot of women have preferred to use donor eggs, in order to increase their possibilities of bearing a child. Though this is an extremely effective method, yet the choice becomes hard to make as it involves the greatest amount of sacrifice.


    • Working Women – Working women of corporate sector who wants to plan marraige at late age or planning child late after marraige are very good candidate for Egg freezing as it will ensure a healthy baby later in the life without sacrificing a flourishing career right now.


    • Egg Freezing for Cancer Patients: Egg Freezing can be an extremely useful proposition for those who are diagnosed with cancer. The health data from 2001 onwards in the United States shows that around 8% of women who have been diagnosed with cancer, were aged below 40 years. The year 2007, saw an estimated 180,000 women getting diagnosed with invasive Breast Cancer. Around 5% of all those women who were aged below 40 years during the time of diagnosis have never had the chance of becoming Pregnant. Most of these women have stayed single. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, 81% of those young women, who would go through treatments in the form of Chemotherapy and radiation will remain alive and be free of ailments after a period of 5 years.


    • An unfortunate thing for all these women, who are in the childbearing age, chemotherapy and radiation would cause serious damage to the follicles which are in the process of getting matured in the ovaries.


    • Now, if a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer, looks to get involved with a male partner to conceive but still not ready to go for Pregnancy, the ideal option would to create embryos through In Vitro Fertilization or IVF and go on to freeze the embryos. Embryo Cryopreservation has gone on for a year in a successful manner and is now known as the gold standard in preserving fertility.


    • Egg Freezing for Soldiers: Soldiers are also possible candidates, who could be ideal for egg freezing but unfortunately they tend to get overlooked. These people are often vulnerable towards getting pelvic injuries, which cause damage to their reproductive systems. Military records have shown that since the year 2003, well in excess of 1800 members, most of whom were Army troops, in Afghanistan and Iraq have gone on to suffer such injuries. There are cases when these injuries might well make a soldier incapable of bearing children.

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