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Exercise After embryo transfer

Can I Exercise During or After Embryo Transfer?

You have often heard that exercise must be a part of your daily routine. No matter how busy you are, you must take out a few minutes or an hour from your busy schedule. It not only makes you fit, active and healthy but also boosts fertility in various ways. It can assist all the factors that increase the chances of getting pregnant like a healthy weight, hormonal balance, improves blood circulation etc.

But wait! While undergoing any fertility treatment such as IVF, excessive exercise may not be a good option. However, mild exercise is absolutely fine in some junctures of IVF cycle while must be avoided in some other stages. Enlighten yourself about everything from this write-up!

Embryo transfer is a pretty sensitive process so during this time, it is important to give extra care to the reproductive organs. So, if you do heavy work out then, it may lead to physical stress to your body. It may hinder the chances of successful embryo implantation and also will create a negative impact.

DO’s and DON’Ts!

You must avoid strenuous workout such as intense aerobics, running, cycling, lifting heavy weights, high intensity exercises, spinning, interval training etc.

You can do mild workouts such as tai-chi, meditation, walking, yoga, swimming, low-intensity activity for relieving stress and making your mind calm. Mild workout for 30 minutes every day can increase the chances of successful IVF cycles.

When To Start Exercising After Embryo Implantation?

Working out before IVF cycle, elevates the chances of successful conception. However, once it starts, you will have to alter your workout habits. It is great, if you share your prior or current exercise routine with the doctor for better understanding of dos and don’ts.

It is very important to know that once the embryo is implanted it can not come out whether it is by fertility treatment or by natural conception. The concern is that if a woman doesn’t take bed rest after embryo transfer, then she may have to suffer from embryo detachment which leads to pregnancy failure.

Once the embryo is properly placed into the uterus, a woman can easily walk out of the bed but keeping that into account mild exercise are good to cope with anxiety and to stay active but strenuous activity can bring you down to the treatment failure.

On the other hand, if you continuously restrict yourself to the bed rest then also it can get down to depression and stress and also will reduce the chances of conception. you can do activities such as getting up from the bed, walking, standing which is completely normal and helps in improving blood circulation. Good flow of blood supplies oxygen throughout the body while promoting healthy cells and tissues. So, if you stay active, it will increase the chances of getting pregnant. Active doesn’t mean intense workout!

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