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    Best C-section or normal delivery Hospital in Ahmedabad for childbirth 2020

    A happy family picture includes a baby. And in women’s lives, it is considered to compete with a baby. Whether you are a first-time mother or maybe you are expecting your third one, childbirth is a milestone for every woman. Every mother has a unique experience. But it is a universal truth that childbirth is painful. Nowadays hospitals offer different types of childbirth methods to effectively reduce the intensity of childbirth pain. It is up to women to choose what they want and also depend on their personal and medical situation.

    Revolution in medical sciences has discovered so many methods for childbirth. New era of childbirth new techniques and tools help labouring women in many ways either by dampening their pain or smoothing the delivery process.

    Whatever the reason, consulting the best IVF Center for childbirth is a smart move. Hospitals provide all types of facilities like ready access to emergency interventions such as cesarean section, advance monitoring for high-risk pregnancies, available pain management options like epidural anaesthesia, experts hands of the gynaecologist and well-trained staff to ensure the mother and baby good health, etc.. (Sneh ivf Center provides all these facilities)

    Every delivery method has its advantages and disadvantages. But before you plan any delivery method you should know the difference between these delivery methods.


    Things are not always as expected. A mom may choose to take a vaginal delivery, but if there are complications, cesarean delivery may be an alternative. This method is used to provide the baby with the opening of the mother’s abdomen and the openness of the uterus to remove the baby. The name comes from the Latin word cedar, meaning ‘to cut.’ That is why this type of the cut is called a C section- that’s how this delivery method gets its name.

    Many mothers plan in advance to have a cesarean delivery that helps the hospital and doctors to begin planning themselves. This may be unexpected or even if a sound system has revealed certain conditions, such as the existence of twins or journeys, breaches, and transverse presentations, or an incredibly large infant, that make this appropriate to carry out a C-section. For other situations, when vaginal supply fails even after a successful work trial or where complications occur (e.g. breakage conditions during delivery of meconium contaminated liquor or barrier at birth canal), the doctors would have to quickly use the C-section to remove the infant from the womb.

    It includes its complications and advantages and disadvantages like for this method full recovery can take the time of about 8 weeks. It leaves a nasty scar as well. Includes advantage as well as in this delivery method the delivery date can be pre-planned.


    Basically this childbirth method is called a vaginal delivery if a baby is born through the birth canal of a woman’s body. Epidurals for pain relief medicine mayor should not be used. The exact time of birth in such a case is not predictable, but most vaginal births occur after 40 weeks of pregnancy.

    If necessary and warn against opting for cesarean delivery, most doctors prefer vaginal conception. During the stress of painful labor, the baby secretes hormones for the brain and lungs development; it also squeezes the baby’s throat and effectively spreads its lungs through the birth canal to clear the amniotic fluid. For mothers who expect to have many children, vaginal births are highly recommended. When done with an incision above the anal area, the procedure is called an episiotomy. If we talk about cesarean or normal delivery it is not an easy task to find the best cesarean or normal delivery IVF hospital in Ahmedabad for childbirth.

    But wait, we are going to help you, here are a few tips you can consider before you start your quest for best cesarean or normal delivery hospital for childbirth.

    ● Expert team: an expert and experienced team are prepared to deal with any medical emergency from overseeing normal deliveries to managing the high risk of emergencies situations.

    ● Access to all modern tools and techniques.

    ● 24/7 monitoring method to ensure the mother and baby health.

    ● Constellation program to prepare a mother physically and mentally for childbirth.

    ● Pre and post care childbirth

    ● Painless labor facilities

    ● In house neonatologist

    ● Childbirth classes

    ● Maternity counseling program

    ● Infant care

    ● CPR for infant

    ● Breastfeeding

    ● Parenting classes

    ● Complete obstetric care for single and twins pregnancy

    ● Preconception counseling

    In Sneh ivf Center,(Best Maternity Hospital in Ahmedabad )the expert team of doctors and staff is committed to providing the best health care facilities to mothers and Baby at affordable charges. We have access to all modern technologies to ensure the best in all medical emergencies.

    We believe in transparency in everything. Below is a guide for treatment cost for both methods:

    Pregnancy Doctor: Dr. Ushma Patel, Dr. Shetal Deshmukh, Dr. Kushal Shah

    Normal delivery cost: 15000

    Cesarean delivery cost: 40000

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    Our expert specialists have extensive experience in the management of the most complex maternal and fetal disorders. We also provide care to pregnant women with abnormal placentation. Choose experts for you and your baby.

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