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    Why is Surrogacy the best option in 2022

    Why is Surrogacy the best option in 2022?

    Let me present an honest and straightforward review with factual figures and Report in this article. So, you can decide the best of all for you!

    If you have chosen adoption over surrogacy for any reason then it is good but a major issue regarding adoption has taken the front seat which will get you to give a thought to your decision once again.

    Recently, The Times of India has put forward a report showing that “36,000 couples in queue, but CARA has 1,936 Kids.” Well, this statement itself showing the disparity between the adoptive couples and the kids legally available with CARA for adoption.

    CARA(Central Adoption Resource Authority) is a statutory body of Ministry of Women &Child Development and functions as the nodal body for adoption of Indian child. According to the Report, as of December last week, only 1936 kids are legally available with CARA whereas around 36000 couples are in queue and keep rising to adopt. From the available kids, 61 kids were categorized as ‘Healthy &Below 2 years’ and as many as 1248 were put in ‘special needs’ category.

    The disproportion in the stated specifics is quite far-fetched. On one side, couples are extremely longing to adopt or have their kid. On another side, non-availability of kids ruining their dreams. Knowing that you are unable to get pregnant and have waited for so many years and chose adoption but can’t afford to wait. This might be discouraging and frustrating for you, it is totally understandable. In fact, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that this pandemic can make you wait so long for adoption.

    What more, The Time of India has mentioned that,” According to CARA officials, the pandemic period has been a challenging one with the adoption and referral process slowing down”

    But wait…

    This is not the end of your dream. You might have other better choices! You so want to adopt or have your own kid as the matter of fact that natural conception is not possible on the ground of infertility. However, you don’t need to dwell on it because surrogacy may be the best option for you!

    What Should I do now?

    Surrogacy could be your alternate option….

    Surrogacy at present, is not a tough or complicated choice, the rules and laws have made it upright and trust worthy. It is legal agreement between surrogate and commissioning couple, that she will carry the baby in her own womb for intended parents. In a view of the fact that it is more legit than adoption, it involves less risk and more security.

    The best thing about surrogacy is you can have your biologically linked child by using your own egg and sperm in creating an embryo. That embryo will be later transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. After the delivery, she will hand over the child to commissioning couple as per the contract. Birth mother can’t backtrack her mind to keep the child after its birth and you have all the legal rights on the child before its birth as per law.

    All you need to do is to carry out your responsibility very carefully, from her health to medical expenses, you need to stay with her. When it comes to find a well-matched surrogate then you don’t need to worry about that because we offer a whole package of surrogacy at reasonable medical cost. From well- screened surrogate to help you conceive your dream, we stay with you throughout your parenthood journey.