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How Endometrial Scratching Will Help in IVF Process?

How Endometrial Scratching Will Help in IVF Process?

Endometrial Scratching, a blessing for couples who are failing to get pregnant and have undergone several fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, but still, getting failed. Know, how this will bless you!

Endometrial scratching is known as endometrial injury, a technique used during IVF to facilitate embryo implantation which doubles the odds of getting pregnant. A superficial scratch in the inner lining of the womb is done using various safe instruments.

Learn about endometrial scratching from the scratch,

The most influencing factor for successful pregnancy is proper embryo implantation. If there is a healthy embryo but it is not properly implanted into the inner lining of the womb, then it will result into pregnancy failure.

Endometrial scratching plays its main role by increasing the chances of pregnancy when couples trying to get pregnant through copulation or through any fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI etc. Especially, in the case when pregnancy fails even after many IVF cycles in spite of using healthy and good quality of embryos.

How does it work exactly during IVF?  

Women get pregnant when embryo is implanted into the womb. Sometimes, an embryo fails to do so, as it is not enough developed to get implanted rightly. So, the cycle needs to start again from the beginning.

The main aim behind endometrial scratching is to improve the receptivity of the uterus to the embryo. A flexible plastic tube called pipelle catheter is inserted to cause disruption by moving it back and forth with gentle rotation in the uterus.

There is no exact evidence of how biologically this process goes on, but this is how it is assumed,

  • Endometrial scratching may persuade inflammatory response just like how the skin or other parts of the body responses to any scratch.
  • During the recovery process, it may doubles the chances of implantation as it will release the growth factors, hormones and pro-inflammatory cytokines, which make the newly-formed lining the way more receptive to embryo
  • It activates the genes which ensure the preparation of the endometrium, to keep them turn off, at the time, when attempted implantation

It is pretty painless course of action to increase the chances of pregnancy. Though it is a non-invasive process, some patients do feel pain with minor bleeding. Please note that, if you already have infection before endometrial scratching, then there is a little risk with this procedure as it might spread the infection in the uterus. However, our doctors will examine you first, if it is necessary, they will treat this at the first place.

Apart from this, this technique has no additional risks for the baby which will born using any fertility treatment.


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